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About US

Hotel the galaxy durbar, our philosophy is defined by our pursuit of dedication, elegance and team work to provide guest satisfaction exceeding the expectation.
Hotel the galaxy durbar is 3star level hotel established and expertly run by very dynamic and dedicated team management. Hotel the galaxy durbar is owned by very clean characterized person as well as team management with having organizational, social and national integrated goals.
Hotel offers a distinctive setting for the travelers and local guest alike Offering an unparalleled location situated in the heart of Nepalgunj, dhamnboji most convicted attraction. Hotel galaxy durbar has distinguished itself among other hotel for providing the personalized services and comfortable amenities. We provide the most peaceful and relaxing environment to get rid of sedentary lifestyle. Hotel the galaxy durbar offers elegant ambience and the most comfortable accommodation in Nepalguj. The hotel welcomes the guest with spacious rooms, sumptuous cuisine and endless services including complimentary morning breakfast Outfitted with an onsite café, room services and yoga halls and free Wi-Fi. Hotel the galaxy durbar makes very stay in Nepalgunj an unforgettable experience

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Vision statement

We are motivated to be most efficiently managed & liked hospitality groups in domestic & global level, where in our group’s managerial level & service level endeavors always be to satisfy our guest under all circumstances.

Mission statement

We are impliedly committed to provide & deliver our best one quality service & experience to all new & returning guests by exceeding their expectations and by being most responsible, fair, conscientious, trustworthy & dependable corporate entity


All the standards, morals, ethics, Ideals& n tenets of belief that we Endeavour to encourage, uphold & sustain with our managerial & service staff, is for to be most managed, dedicated and liked hospitality groups & to be responsible & professional for our own actions. In addition we are always truthful & sincere, to have dedicated passion for our work & duties, to co-exist as a team & respect others irrespective age, race & religion & to deliver exceptional & exemplary service 24/365 to everyone and anyone who walks through our doors.